Sahadev Komaragiri

boxAs I walked towards the boys’ dormitory in search of the leaked question papers, I could not stop thinking about the devious ways of these kids and their strange acts of deception. Why do they want to steal the question papers? Why would they stoop to the level of destroying school property that helps them in securing safe drinking water? How is it that the mineral water plant, such a soft target, is so brazenly broken without anyone noticing?

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“Sir, what you do not know is that the question papers for quarterly examinations were leaked prior to the examination. Unit 3 question papers are also out and they can be found in the hostel room”, said Kanth. This was completely out of blue. Being the administrator of the school I was completely taken aback. Kanth continued, “this happens frequently and that is why students like us are not able get top ranks.” I sympathized with him, but wanted to know more.

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A Recap of Events Since June 2011

by Sahadev Komaragiri

I have not written anything on my blog for a long time. I cannot really point out any specific reason for this other than the standard refrain that I am too busy to sit down and write. It is a lame excuse, but nonetheless it is an excuse that comes to my rescue although in some very feeble and unconvincingly uncomfortable ways.


Life has indeed been busy. As much as I desired it to be, if not more. Any free time, if and when available, has not been too conducive to sit and pen down my thoughts.  There were, however, some instances when I actually sat dow
n to write one or two short stories, some essays on topics of my personal interests, and a few memoirs from my travels. They are yet to see the light of the day for the simple reason that they have not been vetted thoroughly or are not to my personal satisfaction.

Long ago, to be precise 2 years, 7 months and 29 days, I returned to India with a purpose in mind, a dream and a yearning to get united with my motherland.

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