The Case of Leaked Question Papers – Part 1

by Sahadev Komaragiri

“Sir, what you do not know is that the question papers for quarterly examinations were leaked prior to the examination. Unit 3 question papers are also out and they can be found in the hostel room”, said Kanth. This was completely out of blue. Being the administrator of the school I was completely taken aback. Kanth continued, “this happens frequently and that is why students like us are not able get top ranks.” I sympathized with him, but wanted to know more.

This is a five part short story. Links to the other parts: Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

“Kanth, tell me now, where can I find those question papers?” I asked. I am certainly worried as Unit – 3 exams are going to start in a few days and it is not a good sign that students already know the questions that are going to appear on the test. “Sir, please check Paramesh’s luggage in the ninth hostel room and you will find all the questions written down in a notebook.” “Kanth, if this information is found to be incorrect you will be in serious trouble. I hope you understand that”, intervened John, a teacher known for his abilities to solve complex problems like these.

InvestigatorJohn is a trusted school teacher and is known for his sharp intellect and tough demeanor. John solved the famous stolen wallet case in a matter of a few hours. The wallet was found hidden in a small earthen hole behind the school compound wall. The student who stole it admitted his mischief and duly apologized. John was found waving the wallet from about 100 meters away from where stunned teachers and students kept on clapping until he reached us and announced how it was found. To John’s credit, which I deeply admired, the mischievous student’s identity was hidden on the condition that he will never ever do anything silly ever again.

I asked Kanth to leave and asked him not to discuss this issue with anyone. I was sure he won’t discuss this. I had no time to waste. I had to keep this information confidential and I had to rush to Parmesh’s box and open it up as soon as possible. I only hope and pray that Kanth is right. But I kept wondering why Kanth volunteered this information without any reason to do so. Kanth was in my office primarily because we were investigating the reasons behind the broken machine of the mineral water plant that was installed near the kitchen area. One night it was found broken and it was suspected by one of the workers that the boys of ninth class are involved. I rounded up a few boys from both tenth and ninth and asked them to tell me what happened to the mineral water plant. They all had their own stories on how it happened but no one volunteered to tell me who did it. But Kanth for some reason wanted to change the topic and volunteered this new information. I was baffled and had nothing to say but everything to do and act as fast as I can.

Both John and myself thought that the mineral water plant case is quite complex. Even after two days after it happened we are still clueless. But obviously the leakage of the question papers takes a higher priority and had to be resolved at the earliest.

KnockOnTheDoorI summoned the school warden, one Mrs. Mini, a tough lady who is both feared and revered. “Mini madam we want to go into the boys’ hostel room and open up a few boxes”. “But why?” she demanded to know. I told her that we are looking for some missing items and that we have a clue where we might find them. “It is boys hostel room, you can enter the room and open up any of the boxes without inhibitions. Lucky for you, you did not suspect any of the girls. It would have been impossible for you both to enter girls’ hostel”. I smiled and nodded in agreement. I thanked God for keeping the case less complex.

We walked as fast as we can to the boys dormitory. It was after school hours. Both the boys and girls were busy with some games they were playing in our reasonably large playground. From the corner of my eyes I noticed Kanth; he was keenly watching our movements oblivious to the fact that we were doing the same.

You don’t have to wait. Here is Part 2.

This is a story from a fictional school with all fictional characters. Any resemblance to anyone is purely a coincidence. The “I” in this story is a fictional participant narrator.


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Raj Gantaram February 26, 2014 at 12:30 am

Mini Madam? are you still living in the same fantasy? 🙂

Well made case in point so far… waiting to read the rest.

Thanks Sahadev!


Sahadev Komaragiri February 26, 2014 at 2:42 am

Raj, any resemblance of any character in this story to anyone you know is purely a coincidence!

Thanks for reading!


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