Products of Contemplation

Soon after ourĀ return to India, the first one year of my work in the field of education was at a rural school in Nandigama. On many occasions I claimed that that one year of my life was the most precious and the most memorable year ever. I put in a lot of time, energy and resources into the school work. It worked out great for the school and for me and Sobha as well.

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A Roller Coaster Ride

by Sahadev Komaragiri

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Last 15 months of my life has been a thrilling roller coaster ride. Life taught me more lessons in the last 15 months than those from all my earlier years combined. Once in a while our convictions are put to severe test. Once in a while our utter helplessness stares at us in full glare. Once in a while our abilities and all our intellect fail us in understanding the context that surrounds us. Once in a while our body gives in to the vagaries of nature and we just stay hugged to our beds in silent whispers of prayers. One must be grateful to God if these once in a while things come to us one at a time. Being grateful to God when all these things strike at the same time is difficult. I have gone through all these things in one go. I am now slowly limping back to my routine while still licking my wounds and dragging myself to stand on my feet.

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Am I smarter than my smart phone?

by Sahadev Komaragiri


My first smart phone was a blackberry. That was back in 2008. I felt like I was the most tech savvy guy around the town. Its notification sound was musical to my ears. Slowly it became annoying, especially when it made that sound in the middle of the night and that dumb flickering blue light would not go away until I checked that damn email. I lived with such annoyances. I told myself that there is a cost to be paid for remaining tech savvy. Slowly my phone became the most important appendage of my body. It was always on and I never let down any notification without being attended to on a priority basis. Continue Reading…