I Miss Writing On This Blog..

by Sahadev Komaragiri

ReconnectOver the past few days I spent a considerable amount of time going through some of my posts on this blog. “Making a difference“, a series I wrote to document my activities in a rural school, brought back many memories. I enjoyed re-reading my first short story titled “The Case of Leaked Question Papers“. My articles on another series under the title “Living in India” made me relive some of the chuckles. And finally, I think I am certainly proud of a series of articles I wrote on Annamacharya and on Vishnu Sahasra Namam. My article “Goodbye Cubicle Nation” attracted the most likes and most comments. After writing 93 posts there has been a big lull. I miss writing down my thoughts and experiences.

The words “It has been a while…” are much too clichéd. “I am not able to find time to write” is an excuse that I use too often. But the pain in being away from penning down my thoughts is too much for me. It is no longer possible to stay away from my blog.

My writing usually involves elaborate planning, research and the act of actually sitting down and typing away the words. Eventually the flow of thoughts finds its way on to the screen. The biggest trouble is in finding the suitability of the topics for a public forum. I noticed that I am good at writing a series of articles. I find it rather difficult to pen down a single post on a random thought or experience. Sticking myself to less than 1000 words for a post is another concern. Yet again, anything less than 500 words is possibly not worth a mention on the blog. These are some of the walls that I built around myself when it comes to writing. I can see that some of these walls are starting to crumble.

I wonder what other walls am I building around myself in other areas of my life!

So there you go folks, my first article with less than 500 words and that too on a random thought that makes an attempt to reconnect with my readers.

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