Marks vs Integrity

by Sahadev Komaragiri

integrityMs. Sunita teaches computer science classes for 9th class students. Every Thursday she conducts a slip test. For the last few weeks Mahesh consistently got the highest marks in the class. He is always very meticulous in his preparation. Something very interesting happened in the last test.
As usual the test was conducted on Thursday. The results were announced on Friday. Everyone was anxious to know how they performed. Mahesh was expected to get the highest marks. It was a disappointment for Mahesh. Mahesh got 8 out of ten. The highest marks of 8.5 went to Sahitya. Sahitya is also a very bright student. This time her preparation was thorough. For the first time she got the top rank in the subject of computer science. Everyone clapped for her loudly.

This is a short story written for and about children under the short stories section of my blog. I use these stories in my English Proficiency classes. The words in italics are the words that add to the child’s vocabulary. The questions at the end help them think deeper about the value embedded in the story. I encourage children to perform skits that are based on these stories.

Later in the class the teacher started discussing the answers. Question number 7 was about CPU. The question was: Expand the term CPU. The answer is “Central Processing Unit”. Sahithya got it wrong. She wrote “Central Power Unit”, but the teacher marked it as a correct answer and gave her one mark. Sahitya is now in a big dilemma about what to do! Should she inform the teacher about her mistake? She is going to lose the top rank if the teacher knows. She thought for a while. She prayed to God to give her purity of thought. Finally she decided to do the right thing. She went to the teacher and told her about what happened. The teacher promptly corrected her mistake and reduced Sahitya’s score by one mark. Mahesh got the highest marks again. The teacher said that she is very proud of Sahitya because of her honesty. She said “For Sahitya her integrity is more important than her marks. In my eyes the real hero is Sahitya”.


  1. Why was it a disappointment for Mahesh?
  2. What did Sahitya do when she found out about the teacher’s mistake?
  3. Why did the teacher say that Sahitya is the real hero?
  4. What would you do if you were in Sahitya’s place?

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