VSN #19 – uttara peeThika

by Sahadev Komaragiri

He finds out that anger serves no purpose, greed has no meaning, jealousy is beyond comprehension and hatred is pointless. When immersed in the spirituality offered by the viShNu sahasra naamaM(VSN), a devotee of Lord Vishnu defeats these trivialities of life and offers nothing but the best to the world he lives in. Thus exhorts the uttarapeeTika of the (VSN).  Why not? If you reflect on the names of the Lord Vishnu and understand the deep spiritual significance that is conveyed, you will find it difficult to be anything but righteous in your conduct. This is the beauty of Hindu philosophy. It expects the seekers to practice righteousness in order to deserve lasting happiness and freedom from all the problems. Righteousness emerges from a daily ritual of chanting the Lords name, reflecting on His attributes and leading a life prescribed in its scriptures. When practiced in the correct way righteousness and Hindu way of life can never be distinct from each other.

This post is part of the series on viShNu sahasra naamaM

“One who should be praised is kESava, He is Lord Vishnu. I have completed chanting His one thousand names. If listened to or chanted regularly, viShNu sahasra naamaM bestows a great number of benefits.” – with these words start the uttarapeeTika, or afterword, of the VSN. It consists of a series of verses that list the benefits of chanting the VSN.

The following are some of the benefits of chanting the VSN. I am only quoting a few of the many benefits spread across several verses:

  • A Brahmin attains highest Vedic knowledge, a Kshatriya achieves victory in his pursuits, a Vysya procures profits and a Sudra secures lasting happiness.
  • Justice will be delivered to those who seek justice, wealth to those in need, luxuries to those who want and progeny to the childless.
  • Timid will turn brave and attain new enthusiasm, health, strength and vigor.
  • Good health to the diseased, freedom  to the imprisoned, courage to the frightened and relief to the troubled.

This list is indicative of what a normal human life goes through. It is imperative that everyone passing through some stage of life has some desire or a pressing need that requires great attention. It is suggested that the VSN has answer to all the problems, dilemmas and desires in life. The one who chants the VSN with utmost devotion will achieve peace, fame, opulence and contentment.

In one of the verses Arjuna pleads Krishna to show mercy on all human beings and show a path to a secure life. Krishna replies: yOmaaM naamasahasrEna stOtumicchati paaMDavaasOhamEkEna SlOkEna stuta Eva na saMSayaH – “As soon as someone starts taking My name, there shall be no doubt that I will hear his pleas even with just one verse”. Sage Vyaasa offers his salutations to  vaasu dEva, the One who lives in all beings in all the three worlds.

Lord Shiva is asked by his consort Parvati:
keno paayena lagoona vishnor naama sahasrakam, paTyate paMditairnityam shrotu michamyaham prabhu? O Lord, please tell me with what technique the learned and wise pundits chant Vishnu Sahasranama?

Lord Shiva replies:
shree raama raamEti ramE raamE manOramE, sahasranaama tattulyam raama naama varaanane – O Dear, I offer my prayers to Lord Rama by repeating the name raama, that beautiful name raama is equivalent to all the one thousand names.

Brahma, the creator, offers his salutations to the infinite one with thousands of forms, heads, feet, arms and names and the one who is adorned with the timelessness of millions of yugas. Sanjaya, the narrator of the happenings of the Mahabharata war to King Dritarashtra, says that wherever there is Krishna and warrior Arjuna, without doubt there shall always be victory. It is not just about Arjuna. Any devotee in constant company with his Lord shall always emerge victorious.

The words of Lord Krishna from Bhagavad Gita are repeated in the concluding portions.

ananyaaSchiMtayaMtOmaaM yE janaaH paryupaasatE |
tEShaaM nityaabhiyuktaanaM yogakShEmaM vahaamyaham ||

“One who keeps aside all worries and focuses single mindedly on Me, I will take upon Myself the responsibility of all his needs.”

paritraaNaaya saadhunaaM vinaaSaaya cha duShkRutaaM |
dharma saMsthaapanaardhaaya saMbhavaami yugE yugE ||
“In every age, it is my duty to protect the righteous, to destroy the wicked and to establish righteousness.”

uttarapeeTika concludes with a final reminder that any distressed soul troubled by fear or disease will be relieved of all grief by just uttering the name naarayaNa.

aartaa viShaNNaaSSidhilaaScha bheetaH
ghOrEShu cha vyaadhiShu vartamaanaH |
saMkeertya naarayaNa SabdamaatraM
vimukta duHKaaH sukhinObhavaMtu||

Finally, we offer our sincere apologies for any mistakes committed while chanting the VSN and dedicate the humble offering to Lord Narayana.

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hello sir,
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iam Venkat rao Bandaru, Mba.
i am here to get advice from you sir,i am planning to start primary school to serve and provide with best standards to the semi-rural population in Vizag,my mentor suggested me to go with name reflects with load Vishnu ,so will you please suggest best name kindly

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