Sahadev Komaragiri

VSN #2 – Bheeshma

by Sahadev Komaragiri

The setting is a battle field where scores of people died for a cause that few understood. Bheeshma, the wise hero of the Mahabharata war, was resting in the battlefield and waiting for an auspiscious day to end an illustrious life. This grandsire of Kuru dynasty was blessed with a boon of choosing his time of death, a boon in return for a vow that was taken in good faith to protect a dynasty without holding any power or position. After a series of unfortunate events a blind king, Dritharashtra, inherited the kingdom after the death of his brother King Pandu.  What followed was a long struggle between the peace loving sons of deceased King Pandu, Pandavas, and the deception incarnate sons of King Dritharashtra, Kauravas.  Pandavas, whose rightful claim to power was stolen from them, were left with no option but to resort to war. For Pandavas protection of dharma is of paramount importance. For Kauravas clinging to power that has no legitimacy is the only purpose of their existence.
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